Single Stableford  30 September 2018

Ladies Winner: Nola Giddins 41

2nd Sudie Blinco 39.

Pin Shots: No 16. Jan McInnnes. 


Mens Winner: John McClymont 43; 2nd Eddie Halat 41 C/B

3rd: Rod Allen BS 41

4th John Large 41

5th Les Smith 39

C/B; 6th Phil Young 39

7th Rob Bann 39;

8th Jesse McInnes 39.


Pin Shots: No 12. Steve Lockhard 2.95m

No 16. Mick Lally 8.45m.

Members Birdy Pool R Bann

No 6. Glen Newport No 4. 

Visitors Birdie pool: Rod Allen BS;

P Brittain.

Weekly Comp

Monthly Medal 28 October 2018

Ladies Winner: Pam Lindeberg 66

2nd Sudie Blinco 68

3rd Robyn White 69

Pin Shots: No 16. Pam Lindeberg   


Mens Medal Winner: Tim Robinson 69;

Trophy Winner: Dave Maddock Jones 67

B Grade Winner Zac Fleischer 64

A Grade R/Up Glen Carey 69

B Grade R/Up Ting Li 65

3rd R/Up: James Dingle 68 C/B 

4th Mick Nicholson 68 

5th Karl Blyth 68


Pin Shots: No6. Karl Blyth 2..02m

No 12. Mick Lally 5.71m.

Members Birdy Pool No 15:

Greg Carson

Visitors Birdie pool No 14: Chris Scells

Single Stableford  21 October 2018

Ladies Winner: Nola Giddins 41

2nd Sudie Blinco 39.

Pin Shots: No 16. Jan McInnnes. 


Mens Winner: John McClymont 43; 2nd Eddie Halat 41 C/B

3rd: Rod Allen BS 41

4th John Large 41

5th Les Smith 39

C/B; 6th Phil Young 39

7th Rob Bann 39;

8th Jesse McInnes 39.


Ladies Winner: Nola Giddins 41

2nd Sudie Blinco 39.

Pin Shots: No 16. Jan McInnnes. 


Mens Winner: John McClymont 43; 2nd Eddie Halat 41 C/B

3rd: Rod Allen BS 41

4th John Large 41

5th Les Smith 39

C/B; 6th Phil Young 39

7th Rob Bann 39;

8th Jesse McInnes 39.


Pin Shots: No 12. Steve Lockhard 2.95m

No 16. Mick Lally 8.45m.

Members Birdy Pool R Bann

No 6. Glen Newport No 4. 

Visitors Birdie pool: Rod Allen BS;

P Brittain.

Pin Shots: No 12. Steve Lockhard 2.95m

No 16. Mick Lally 8.45m.

Members Birdy Pool R Bann

No 6. Glen Newport No 4. 

Visitors Birdie pool: Rod Allen BS;

P Brittain.

Single Stroke 14 October 2018

Ladies Winner: Denise Cook 66

2nd Sandra Hellwege 71

Pin Shots: No 16. Sandra Hellwege. 


Mens Winner: Bill Grainger 66 C/B

2nd Peter Rogers 66

3rd: Jesse McInnes 66

4th Stephen Amos 67

5th Eddie Halat 68

6th Denis Bradford 68

7th Col Dunn 68



Pin Shots: No 9. Rod Allen 1.92 BS 

No 12. Barny Robinson 2.66

Members Birdy Pool & Visitors

Birdie pool: A Skinner 

Single Stableford Mixed Comp 7 October 2018

Winner: Denise Cook 42

2nd: Peter Rogers 42 C/B 

3rd: Annie Hewitt 40  C/B 

4th: Kev Davies 40

5th : Rod Allen 39 C/B 

6th: Jesse McInnes 39


Pin Shots No 6. Chris Goulevitch .258m

No 16. Dave Dryden 2.5m

Birdy Pool: No 14: Ken Blinco 

Annie Hewitt 


Single VSS 23 September 2018

Ladies Winner: Ruth Grainger +2;
2nd: Sandra Hellwege +1; 

NTP A Skinner


Mens Winner: Herman Van Uitert +6

2nd Blair Southward +4

3rd: Paul Fleischer +4

4th: Warren McBean +3

5th: Eddie Halat +3

6th: Zac Fleischer +3

7th: Steve Campbell +3


Pin Shots No 9 Dave Lockhard 13m; 

No 12. Bill Grainger 5m. 

Visitors Birdy Pool Terry Wallace

& John Coll

Single Stroke 9 September 2018

Ladies Winner: Sudie Blinco 68
2nd Jan McInnes 69
NTP No 16: Jan McInnes


Mens Winner: John Baldwin 62

2nd: Zac Fleischer 63 C/B 3rd: Colin Dunn BS 4th: Andrew Learoyd 

5th: Gary Bruckner

6th: Paul Fleischer

7th: Jason Bradford 68 C/B 

8th: John Coll BS 68


NTP No 6: Steve Kerr 
No 16: Steve Kerr

Birdy Pool: No 4: Andrew Learoyd & Bob Sorensen 
Visitors Birdy Pool: A Skinner

Single VSS 26 August 2018

With the ladies open being on Saturday the ladies were in competition with the Men and Congratulations to Sudie Blinco for taking out the win and beating all the men!


Winner: Sudie Blinco +7
2nd: John Wouters +5 
3rd: Alexandra Donovan +3 
4th: Ting Li +3
5th: Chris Goulevitch+3
6th: Peter Collie +3


Pin Shots: No 9, Bill Grainger 4.2
No 12. John Wouters

Birdy Pool: Chris Goulevitch.

Monthly Medal 12 August 2018

Ladies Winner: Jan McInnes 69
2nd Sudie Blinco 74 C/B 
3rd Ruth Grainger 74 C/B. 
Least Putts: Barbara Chrzanowski 31.

Mens A Grade Winner: Ralph Pritchard 68
B Grade Winner Herman Van Uitert 67 C/B
A Grade R/Up Tim Hughes 68
B Grade R/Up Les Smith 67
3rd Rodney Allen BSP 68
4th Ken Blinco 69 C/B
5th Dennis Bradford 69
6th Tim Robinson 69. 



NTP No 6. John McClymont 2.94m
No 9 Kev Davies 4.68m
Eagles Nest A Skinner
Birdy Pool: Tim Robinson, Ting Li, Kev Turner. 
Visitors Birdy Pool A Skinner.

Single Stableford 5 August 2018

Ladies Winner; Robyn White 39 C/B; 2nd Sandra Hellwege 39;

3rd Ann Hewitt 38. 

No 16 Pin Shot; Nola Giddins 0.66m.  .

Mens Winner: Robert Bann 40 C/B; 2nd John Wouters 40; 3rd Eric Budby 39;4th Chris Goulevitch 38 C/B and finishing up in 5th Zac Fleicsher 38


Pin Shots No 6; Don Smith 1.13m No 16; Eric Budby 1.10m. Birdy Pool No 16. Shared by Robert Bann and Bob Sorensen.

Single VSS 29 July 2018

Monthly Medal 22 July 2018

Ladies Winner: Alex Donovan -1

2nd Ruth Grainger -4C/B. 

Pin Shot: Alex Donovan 8.7m.

Mens Winner: Ken Blinco +6

2nd David Dryden +5

3rd John Wouters + 4 C/B

4th Stephen Lally +4

5th Herman Van Uitert +

6th Ralph Pritchard +3

7th Zac Fliescher +3
Eddie Ortiz +2. 


Pin Shots No 12. Stephen Lally .75; No 16. Eddie Ortiz 1.6m.

Eagles nest went to Barny Robinson on No 17 which made up for him not getting birdie pool last week as he didn’t write it up!  Make sure you write up any birdies when you get them!

Members Birdie Pool No 9. Won by Alex Donovan. Visitors Birdie pool A Skinner.

Ladies Winner: Audrey Camilleri 74 C/B Medal Winner                Trophy Winner and Previous monthly Medal Winner:

Sandy Lockhard                         

2nd: Nola Giddins 74 C/B              3rd Lee Craig                                                                                                                                                                                   

Mens A Grade Winner: Glen Carey 69

B Grade Winner: Herman Van Uitert 68 C/B

A Grade R/Up: James Goss 74   

B Grade R/Up: Ralph Pritchard 68

3rd: Peter Bastable 69

4th : Mark Muscat 70

5th: Jeff New 70

6th: Darren Sinn 70

 7th Gary Bruckner

NTP No 9. Dave Parry

No 12: Phillip Davies.

Eagles Nest and Birdy Pools A Skinner.

Weekly Comp - Single Stableford 15 July 2018

Ladies Winner; Ann Hewitt 41

2nd Judy Hughes 38.

Pin Shot No 6. Judy Hughes

Mens Winner: Des Murphy on great score of 45;

2nd John Coll BSP close on 44;

3rd Michael Nicholson 40 c/b;

4th Mick Donovan 40;

5th Les Smith 40;

6th Don Smith 39;

7th Steve Lally 38 c/b;

8th Jason Bradford 38


NTP No 6 and No 9: Tim Robinson 4.02m and 3.2m  

Eagles Nest and Birdy Pools A Skinner.

Weekly Comp - Single Stroke 8 July 2018

Weekly Comp - Single Stroke 8 July 2018

Ladies Winner Alex Donovan 69

2 Ann Hewitt 71 C/B

3 Karen Moss 71

Mens Winner  David Painkoff 70 C/B

2 Jeff New 70 C/B

3 Kevin Turner 70

4 James Dingle 71 C/B

5 Mick Lally 71 C/B

6 Tim Robinson 71 C/B

7 Gary Bruckner 71


NTP No 6. John Coll (BSP)4.82m,

No 16: Steve Penfold 4.5m.

Eagles Nest and Birdy Pools A Skinner

Weekly Comp - Single VSS 1 July 2018

Ladies Winner Karen Moss   +2  

2nd Sudie Blinco  -2

3 Dunn, Bev  -3

Mens Winner: Tim Robinson   +5 C/B

2 Kevin Davies   +5

3 Andrew Enfantie  3

4 Les Smith +2

5 Paul Fleischer +1 C/B


NTP: No 12: Jarrod Wilson 4.3,

No 16: Chris Goulevitch 8.84

Monthly Medal  24 June 2018

We had a big field of 84 in the comp this week with only 8 Visitors, that’s a great effort from our members to get out and play, keep it up!

Ladies Winner: 

Lee Craig triumphed with 69 πŸ†
2nd Sudie Blinco 74,
3rd Annie Hewitt 75. 
Least Putts, Diane Holewa 28.

Mens Winner A Grade
Mick Lally 68 πŸ†
B Grade Winner: Denis Cook 68
A grade R/Up Tim Robinson 68
B Grade R/Up: Stephen Lockhard 69
3rd Runner up Daniel Varcoe 69
Jeff New 69
Peter Rogers with his first win for the year!! 70
Jarrod Wilson 70, 
Chris Goulevitch 70. 


Pin Shots No 9. Darren Sinn 1.52m
No 12. Jarrod Wilson 1.18m. 
Visitor Birdy Pool Will McClymont



Ladies Winner: 

Alexandra Donovan 37
2nd: Jodi Manning 38 (V)
Pin Shot - No 6, A Skinner.


Just a little tidbit...we had half our field made up of visitors

Weekly Comp - Single Stableford 17 June 2018

Mens taken out by Les Smith 41

2nd Bruce McDowall (V) 40 c/b 

3rd Guy Stuckey 40

4th Kevin Hellwege 39 c/b 

5th Karl Blyth 39

6th Chris Goulevitch 38 c/b

7th 38 Garreth Nutt. (V)


Pin Shots No 6. Jarrod Wilson 1.28m
No 9. Don Smith 3.3m.

Members Birdy Pool No 1.-  Steve Lockhard

Visitors Birdy Pool No 1. -  Colin Dunn

Heydon Day Results Winner: Lyn Smyth and Kev Davies 68

Nett Runner Up Nola Giddins and Don Smith 72.

Pin Shot taken out by Nola Giddins No 12 6.57m.  


Weekend VSS 10 June 2018

Some terrific scores from the men, Winner Kevin Hellwege + 4 C/b from Barny Robinson +4 , 3rd Steve Lally +2 c/b from John Coll and Trent Budby all on +2 . Rounding out the in 6th  Place Kevin Davies +1 c/b. Pin Shots No 6. Ross Elliott 3.9m ,No 16 John Bellette 1.77m Eagle nest were both Skinners, Birdy Pool members A Skinner, However John Bellette picked up visitors birdy pool. 

Weekly Comp - Single Stableford 3 June 2018

Ladies Winner:

Alex Donovan 37

2nd Nola Giddins 36 c/b

Karen Moss 36

Nola also took the Pin shot on

12, 5.34m. 

Mens Winner Les Smith 39

2nd Eric Budby 38 c/b

3rd Tim Robinson 38

4th Stephen Lally 37

5th Daniel Varcoe 37

6th Robert Whalan 36

7th Mick Donovan 36. 


Pin Shots No 6.

Mick Donovan took out Pin Shot on No 12 3.060m No 16; Eric Budby 1.14m.  Eagles Nest and Birdy Pool, A Skinner.

Single event on Saturday:β›³

Ladies Winner: : Denise Cook 65
2nd Di Holewa 67
3rd: Sandra Lockhard 70
4th: Bev Dunn 71.


Mens Winner: Mark Muscat 63
2nd: Greg Burgess 64 
3rd Guy Stuckey 65 
4th: Colin Dunn BS 67
5th: Dave Lockhard 68 c/b
6th: John Large 68
7th: Dave Piankoff 69
8th: John Bellette BS 70

Pin Shots
No. 9: Craig Schwazrock 8.2m
No, 12 Steve Kerr 0.94. 
Birdy Pool was taken out by Barny Robinson.



Single event on Sundayβ›³

Ladies winner: Alexandra Donovan 67
2nd Jan McInnes 68
3rd Di Holewa 70
4th: Nola Giddins 71. 
Pin Shots
No 9. Annie Hewitt 11m. 
No 16. Di Holewa.

Mens Winner: Stephen Lockhard 61
2nd John Wouters 68 c/b
3rd Jason Bradford 68
4th Guy Stuckey 68
5th: Trent Budby BS 69 c/b
6th David Mj 69
7th Chris Goulevitch 149 
Eddie Halat was the only person to get a pin shot No. 9 3.79m. 
Birdy Pool No 9 went to Don Smith.

Closed Club Championships 26 -27 May 2018

Ladies Club Champion: Nola Giddins 164
Mens Club Champion Chris Goulevitch149

Congratulations! πŸ†πŸ‘β›³πŸΎπŸŽ‰

Ladies A Grade Gross Winner: Annie Hewitt 182
B Grade Gross Winner: Di Holewa 174
B Grade Gross R/Up: Alexandra Donovan 180
C Grade Nett: Sandy Lockhard 143
C Grade Gross Winner: Denise Cook 201
C Grade Nett Winner: Lee Craig 146 c/b

A Grade Pin Shot: Annie Hewitt
B Grade: Di Holewa
C Grade: A Skinner.



Mens A Grade Champion: Tim Robinson 150
A Grade R/Up: Barny Robinson 154
B Grade Champion: "Honest" Bob Sorensen 171 
B Grade Runner Up: Mark Muscat 172
C Grade Champion: Greg Burgess 179
C Grade Runner: Guy Stuckey 180
A Grade Nett Champion: Dave Lockhard 144
B Grade Nett Champion: Stephen Lockhard 137
B Grade Nett Runner Up: David Mj 143
B Grade Nett 2nd Runner Up:Kevin Hellwege 140
C Grade Nett Champion: Ting Li 144
C Grade Nett Runner up: Denis Bradford 147
C Grade Nett 2nd Runner Up: Dave Dryden 150

​A & C Grade Pin Shots Skinners
B Grade Pin Shot: Eddie Halat No 9, 3.79m. 
All in Pin Shot for ladies and men was taken by Bev Dunn 1.24m.

North Jacklin May Monthly Medal Results

Ladies Monthly Medal Winner:

Sandy Lockhard 73 c/b
2nd Lyn Smyth 73. 
Putts taken out by

Annie Hewitt with 29;

Winner: A Grade;

Dave Maddock Jones 69

A Grade Runner Up: Glen Carey 70; 
B Grade Winner: Peter Collie 65, 
B Grade Runner Up: 

Gregory Carson 67
3rd: Rob Whalan 68 c/b 
4th: Kevin Hellwege 68
5th: John McClymont 68


Pin Shots No 6.

Dave Maddock Jones 0.93m; 

No 9. Denis Bradford 3.2m; Eagles nest No 10. Mick Donovon picked up a handy $140.00.

Weekly Comp 13 May 2018 -VSS 

Ladies Winner: Denise Cook

2nd: Judy Hughes

3rd: Karen Moss

NTP A Skinner.



Mens Winner: Mark Pearl 3

2nd:Trent Budby BS 5

3rd: John Coll BS 4 

4th Gary Bruckner  2 c/b 

5th Barny Robinson 2 

6th Edward Tipping 2 

7th: Luke Edwards 1 

NTP No 6: Barny Robinson 1m,

No 16. Eric Budby 0.76m.

Birdie and Eagles Nest: A Skinner

Weekly Comp 6 May 2018 -Single Stableford 

Weekly Comp 6 May 2018 -Single Stableford 

Ladies Winner : Alex Donovan 36

2nd Ruth Grainger 35

3rd Barbara Chrzanowski 35

Pin Shot:  No 9. Nola Giddins.

Pin Shots:  No 12. Kev Turner 3.41

No 16 Tim Robinson 1.020.

Eagles Nest: A Skinner.

Birdie Pool: No. 1 Steve Kerr.  

Mens Winner:  Shawn Keighley 42

2nd Geoff Ferguson 40

3rd Phil Steele 38 c/b

4th Steve Kerr 38

5th Dave Lockhard 37

6th Kev Davies 36 c/b

7th Denis Bradford 36

8th Mick Lindeberg 36

Weekly Comp 29 April 2018 -Single Stroke

Ladies Winner: Annie Hewitt 75

Runner Up: Lyn Smyth

Pin Shots: A Skinner

Mens Winner: Warren McBean 68

2nd: Michael Dunn - Black Springs 67

3rd: James Dingle 70 c/b

4th: Andrew Enfantie 70 c/b

5th: David Piankoff 70 c/b 

Pin Shots: No 9. A Skinner

No. 12 Michael Donovan 2.18m

Eagles Nest: A Skinner

Birdy Pool: A Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: No 11. Michael Dunn

Weekly Comp 22 April 2018 -Single Stableford

A four way countback resulted in Mick Nicholson winning from Zac Fleischer, Gary Bruckner and Rob Whalan all on 40pts. Followed by  Mick Donovan 39 & Daniel Wix from Black Springs  37.


Pin Shots

No 6: Steve Kerr,2.84

No 9 Blair Southward 7.2.

Eagles Nest A Skinner,

Birdie Pool Daryl Blyth

Visitors Birdie Pool, A Skinner.

N E Clarke Memorial 21 April 2018

We had the N E Clarke Memorial on Saturday and the Winners were Dave and Sandra Lockhard on 71 ¾ followed by Nola Giddens and Karl Blyth on 71 7/8 and in 3rd Ken and Sudie Blinco with 72 ¾ ; Pin Shots 6 & 9; M Lindeberg 12, Annie Hewitt, 16 Karl Blyth. Photos to follow.

Monthly Medal 15 April 2018 -Single Stroke

Ladies Winner: Nola Giddens 73

Least Putts Ruth Grainger – 27

Mens A Grade: Andrew Enfantie 70
Mens A Grade Runner Up: 

Chris Goulevitch 71
Mens B Grade Winner: Peter Madden 71
3rd: David Piankoff 69 
4th: John McClymont 71
5th: Terry Wallace (MKY) 71

Pin Shots: 
No.6. Barny Robinson 2.63m
No. 16. Kev Davies 9.07m

Eagles Nest, Birdy Pool,

Visitors Birdy Pool
A Skinner.

Weekly Comp 7 April 2018 -Single VSS

Ladies Winner: Nola Giddens – 1

2nd: Sudie Blinco – 6

Mens Winner: Greg Burgess triumphed with 4

2nd: Andrew Enfantie 3

3rd : David Parry 1

4th: Tim Robinson -1 c/b

5th: Ralph Pritchard -1 c/b

6th: Michael Nicholson -1 c/b

Mens Pin Shot

No 12. Jarred Payne 3.30m

No 16. A Skinner

Member and Visitors Birdie Pool - A Skinner 

Ladies: A Skinner 

Weekly Comp 1 April 2018 -Single Stroke

Men Winner: Mick Lally 68

2nd: Rod Allen (v) 65

3rd: Chris Goulevitch 70

4th: Herman Van Uitert 73



Weekly Comp 25 March 2018 -Single Stableford


No 9. Stephen Kerr 4.075

No 9. Mick Lally 1.330


A Skinner 

BIRDIE POOL - A Skinner 


Men Winner: C Schwarzrock 36

2nd: Neil Brever (v) 39

3rd: Oliver Stevenson (v) 39

4th: Col Dunn (v) 24

5th: Greg Burgess 34



No 6. A Skinner 

No 9. Rod Allen (v) 9.9


A Skinner 


A Skinner

Monthly Medal 18 March 2018 -Single Stroke

Ladies Winner: Sudie Blinco 71

2nd: Nola Giddens 77

Least Putts: Sandra Hellwege 28 


Men A Grade Winner: Stephen Kerr 69

B Grade Winner: Greg Carson 69

A Grade Runner Up: Mick Donovan 69

B Grade Runner Up: Phil Steele 70 

3rd Runner Up: Greg Burgess 70

4th Runner Up: E Budby 71

5th Runner Up: Tim Robinson 71

6th Runner Up: Dylan Cowie 71


No 6. Dave Lockhard 3.09

No 16. Col Dunn (v) 8.1


A Skinner 

BIRDIE POOL - Bob Sorenson 


A Skinner

Weekly Comp 11 March 2018 -Single Stableford

Ladies Winner: Denise Cook 31pts 

2nd: Paula Rees 32pts (v) 


Men Winner: Ken Blinco 38pts

2nd: Ross Elliott 40pts 

3rd: Li Ting 37pts 

4th: Andrew Enfantie 35pts

5th: Mick Lally 34pts

6th: Col Dunn (v) 34 

7th: Steve Kerr 34pts 



No 12. Mick Lally 5.7

No 16. Barny Robinson 2.9

LADIES: No 12. A Skinner 


A Skinner 


A Skinner

Weekly Comp - Monthly Medal - Single Stroke

4 March 2018 Delayed from February

Ladies Winner: Ruth Grainger 76 

2nd: Nola Giddins 78


Men A Grade Winner: Steve Penfold 65

B Grade Winner: Ken Blinco 71

A Grade Runner Up: Eddie Halat 67

B Grade Runner Up: John Coll 69 (v) 

3rd Runner Up: Trent Budby 68 (v)

4th Runner Up: Don Smith 70

5th Runner Up: Mick Donovan 72


No 9. Steve Penfold 1.93

No 12. J. Bellette (v) 3.20 

LADIES: No 12. A Skinner

Birdy Pool and Eagles Nest

will Jackpot next


Weekly Comp Single Stroke  WET DAY RAIN OUT

25 Feb 2018

Men Winner: D.Sinn 66

2nd: R. Allen 65 (v) 

3rd: G. New 66  




No 6. Ken Blinco 3.22

No 9. Steve Penfold 2.1 

LADIES: No 6. Sandra Hellwege 3.57


Tim Robinson Prize: $120.00


A Skinner 


Colin Dunn Prize: $100.00


No 6. Mick Donovan 6.100

No 16. Barny Robinson 

LADIES: No 16. Lee Craig 5.590


A Skinner 


A Skinner

Weekly Comp VSS

18 Feb 2018

Ladies Winner: Sudie Blinco -2 

2nd: Marilyn Brodie -3


Men Winner: Michael Lindeberg +5

2nd: Trent Budby +5

3rd: Colin Dunn +5

4th: John Wouters +3 

5th: Tim Robinson +3

6th: Terry Wallace +3 

7th: Bill Grainger +3 


Weekly Comp Single Stroke 

10 & 11 Feb 18

Weekly Comp Single Stableford 04/02/2018

Ladies Winner: Alex Donovan 71pts 

2nd: Nola Giddins 39pts 

3rd: Andrew Enfantie 38pts 

Men Winner: Darren Sinn 66

2nd: Phil Steele 68 

3rd: Mark Muscat 69 C/b

4th: Zachary Jones 69

5th: Craig Schwarzrock 70 c/b

6th: Taureon Ruston 70 

7th: Steve Kerr 70

8th : Greg Carson  70

Winner: Mark Muscat 42pts

2nd: Nola Giddins 39pts 

3rd: Andrew Enfantie 38pts 


No 12: Shawn Keighley 

No 16. Nola Giddins 

Summer Cup 2017- 2018

Week One Results 17/12/2017

Winner: K Turner 41pts (on count back)

2nd :      D Barnett 41 pts 

3rd :       G Chrzanowski 39pts

4th :       N Giddens. 39pts

Pin Shots: 

Mens: D Bradford

Ladies: B Dunn 

All in:  K Blinco

Week Two Results 24/12/2017

Winner: G Newport 42pts 

2nd :      S.Blinco 41 pts 

3rd :       K Turner 41pts

4th :       A Enfantie 41pts

Week Three Results 31/12/2017

Pin Shots: 

Mens: M Donovan .44cm

Ladies: A Donovan .68cm 

All in:  C Goulevitch 2.25m 

Winner: R Bann 42pts 

2nd :      S Kerr 41 pts 

3rd :       J Large 41pts

4th :       K Davies 40pts

Pin Shots: 

Mens: K Turner 2.24m

Ladies: P.Lindeberg 

All in:  G Crust  2.4m 

Week Four Results 


1st:       R Pritchard 42pts
2nd:     G Chrzanowski 42pts
3rd:      C Goulevitch 40pts
4th:      G Bruckner 40pts

Pin Shots: 

Mens:  Barny 2.12
Ladies: Nola Giddens .92cm
All In:    Steve Kerr 3.74

Week Five Results 


1st: W McBean 42pts
2nd: S Blinco 41pts
3rd: L Ting 40pts
4th: G Jackson 39pts

MENS G Bruckner 2.15m
LADIES N Giddins 3.02m
ALL IN E Halat 6m

Week Six Results 


1st:  D Cook 44pts 5PTS
2nd: M Donovan 42pts 4PTS
3rd: P Madden 41pts 3PTS
4th: K Hellwege 41pts 2PTS

MENS D Carter 72cm
LADIES N Giddins
ALL IN A Donovan 2.21m


MEN: L Smith 2.1m

LADIES: L Craig 2.15m

ALL IN: S Blinco 1m


Overall Summer Cup Winner and winner of the golf bag was Sudie Blinco. Congratulations Sudie! 🏌️‍β™€οΈπŸ€©πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰

Most consistent player was Alex Donovan winning 1dozen golf balls. Congratulations to Alex. πŸŽ‰πŸŒοΈ‍♀️⛳πŸ₯‚πŸ¦‹

1st: C Scells 43pts
2nd: H Van Uitert 40pts
3rd: J Vergara 39pts
4th: S Kerr 39pts


Thank you to John Large for running the Summer Cup. πŸ‘πŸ‘

Thanks to all the players that made it a great competition week after week. 😁


Final Week - 28/01/2018

Sarina Golf Club Inc.

72 Golf Course Road, Sarina, Qld 

Phone:  (07) 49561761


Facebook: Sarina Golf Club