Weekly Results Stableford 1-2 Oct


Ladies Winner: Zoe Brooks 36

2nd Barb Chrzanowski 34


Mens Winner: Ralph Pritchard 38 C/B

2nd Jeremy Robins 38

3rd Mark Pearl 38


Birdy Pool:

Visitors Birdy Pool:


Mid Week Comp 26 September to 30 September 2022


Winner: Brendan Travers 39

2nd John McClymont 35


Weekly Results Modified Stableford 25 Sept


Ladies Winner: Jan McInnes 5

2nd Kristy Pepi 5


Mens Winner Stephen Kerr 7 C/B

2nd Rodney Allen MKY 7

3rd Herman Van Uiitert 6


Birdy Pool: 6: Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: 6 Skinner

Mid-Week Comp Stableford 19 Sept to 23 Sept


Winner: Sasha Howarth 40 C/B

2nd Rod Allen 40


Pin Shot:12:: Rodney Allen 4.36

Birdy Pool: No 6: Skinner



Lola Holcombe Monthly Medal 18 September 2022


Ladies Winner: Cassie Matthews 68

2nd Sudie Blinco 71

Least Putts : Annie Hewitt 27


Men’s A Grade Winner: Michael Dunn 69

Men’s B Grade Winner: Ting Li 69

A Grade R/UP: Glen Carey 71

B Grade R/Up: Bob Bann 69

2nd Rod Allen 67

3rd Jack Burt 72C/B

4th Bil Grainger 72

5th Will McClymont 72


Pin Shots

No 6: Chris Dunn 1.90

No 16: Michael Dunn 3.42


Birdy Pool: No 17: Will McClymont and Wayne Stafford

Visitors Birdy Pool: No:4 : Brandan Steel



Single Stableford 11 September 32 Players – 3 Ladies



Winner : Mark Pearl 41

2nd Annie Hewitt 38

3rd Blair Southward 37


Pin Shots

No 9: Con Thompson

No 12: Lisa Gaskell



Birdy Pool:

Visitors Birdy Pool:


Heydon and NE Clark 10 September 2022

Heydon Day:


Winners : Zoe Brooks & Trent Budby 68.625

2nd : Sudie and Ken Blinco 72


NE Clark

Winners: Cassie Matthews and Brad Cook 71.125

2nd Tim and Judy Hughes 72.125

 Pin Shot: No 16: Lee craig


Weekly Results 4BBB Mixed Stableford 3rd Sept


Winners: Matt Pelling & Martin George 45

2nd Shawn Keighley & Damon  McMullen 44

3rd Ian Dunn & Stephen Lund 44


Pin Shots

No 6: Kevin Hellwege 5.81

No 9: Sudie Blinco .80


Birdy Pool: No 6: Brad Cook & Annie Hewitt

Visitors Birdy Pool: 1: Skinner



Mid Week Comp Aggregate Stableford- Surprise Partners 29/8/22 -2/09/22


Winners: Brett Scells and Rodney Allen 77


Pin Shot: No 6: Brett Scells 80cm

Birdy Pool: No 2: Brett Scells



27th August 2022 - Ladies Open – Sponsored by Australian Sapphires Direct & ACE


Ladies Champion – Shae Holmes 78


A Grade Gross Winner: Laura Anderson 79

A Grade Gross R/Up: Nola Giddins 85

A Grade Nett Winner: Sudie Blinco 67

A Grade Nett R/Up: Aimee Mayger 73


B Grade Gross Winner: Sue Farrell 92

B Grade Nett Winner: Robyn White 72


C Grade Gross Winner: Rhonda Meng 114

C Grade Nett Winner: Denise Cook 86


All In Pin Shot: Paula Rees 4.18

A Grade: Zoe Brooks 1.10

B Grade: Jan Sievers 0.56

C Grade: Denise Cook – Draw


A Grade Longest Drive: Shae Saunders 

B Grade Longest Drive: Sue Farrell

C Grade Longest Drive: Rhonda Meng



28th August 2022  -  Men’s 25 Hole Open Sponsored by ACE and Australian Sapphires Direct.


Open Champion: Chris Dunn 101 came down to a playoff with Michael Neaton. Congratulations Chris!


A Grade Gross Winner: Michael Neaton 101

A Grade Gross R/Up: Dale Neale 103

A Grade Nett Winner: Trent Budby 96

A Grade Nett R/Up: Rodney Allen 98


B Grade Gross Winner: Morris Nixon 112

B Grade Gross R/Up: Eddie Ramsamy 114

B Grade Nett Winner: Tony Hingston 94

B Grade Nett R/Up: Neil Leach 97


C Grade Gross Winner: Mick Lally 121

C Grade Gross R/Up: Harold Bucholz 122

C Grade Nett Winner: Mal Steindl  90

C Grade Nett R/Up: Shannon Ahwang 96


All In Pin Shot: Greg Bellinger 1.54

A Grade: Chris Goulevitch 2.78

B Grade: Daniel Allen 86cm

C Grade: Steve Campbell 2.04


A Grade Longest Drive: Brad Dunn

B Grade Longest Drive: Daniel Allen

C Grade Longest Drive: Peter Duck



Monthly Medal 21 August 2022


Ladies Winner: Ann Hewitt 67

2nd Sudie Blinco 67


Least Putts : Paula Rees 27


Men’s A Grade Winner: Dave Lockhard 69

Men’s B Grade Winner: Terry Wallace 67

A Grade R/UP: Shane Vine 69

B Grade R/Up: Bob Bann 68

2nd Barnaby Brown MKY 66

3rd Jeremy Robins 70 C/B

4th Leigh Clothier 70

5th Shawn Keighley 71


Pin Shots

No 6: Chris Scells 1.7

No 12: Mick Lally 3.26


Birdy Pool: No 10: Chris Dunn and Barny Robinson 26

Visitors Birdy Pool: No:1 Skinner



Weekly Results Stableford 13-14 August 2022


Ladies Winner: Barb Chrzanowski 35

2nd Lee Craig 33


Pin Shot:

No 12: Lee Craig 2.72m


Men’s Winner: Rhys Lawton 42

2nd Brendan Shepherd (MKY) 43

3rd James Ireland 37 C/B

4th Wayne Stafford 37


Pin Shots

No 9: Skinner

No 16: Skinner


Birdy Pool: 15: Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: 11: Skinner


Mid Week Comp Split 6’s 8-12 August.


Winners: Noel Elliot & George Jenkins 57

2nd: Matt Scott & Hilton Scott 55


Pin Shot: Skinner

Birdy Pool: Skinner

Weekly Results Mixed 4BBB 7th August 


Winner: Chris Scells & Doug Miles 48

2nd Nola Giddins & Robyn White 47

3rd Bob Sorensen & Darryl Blyth 43


Pin Shots

No 16: Sudie Blinco


Birdy Pool: 15: Kellin Smith

Visitors Birdy Pool: 8: Skinner


Weekly Results Single Stab 31 July


Ladies Winner: Sudie Blinco 38

2nd Barb Chrzanowski 33

Pin Shot:

No 16: Nola Giddins


Men’s Winner: Brad Cook 37

2nd Gregg Taylor 38

3rd Adam Fletcher 37

4th martin George 35


Pin Shots

No 9: Barny Robinson


Birdy Pool: 17: Brad Coo, Blair Southward, Guy Stuckey

Visitors Birdy Pool: 17: Skinner



Mid Week Comp Stableford 25-29 July


Winner: Chris Scells 38

2nd Jake Farrell 37

3rd: Daniel Wix 35


Pin Shot: No 9: Skinner

Weekly Results Tiger Stableford 24th July


Winners: Brad Cook and Don Smith 57

2nd Jarrod Wilson & Paul Flysha 57

3rd Lance Blinco & Phil Lyons 54


Birdy Pool: Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: Skinner


18th – 22 July Mid Week Comp Single Stab


Winner: Brett Scells 37

2nd Herman Van Uitert 36


Pin Shot:Rangi Chase 148cm



17th July CMR Recycling MM


Ladies Winner: Sudie Blinco 72

2nd Barbara Chrzanowski 74

Least Putts : Annie Hewitt


Men’s A Grade Winner: Andrew Enfantie 70

Men’s B Grade Winner: Tom Slater 69

A Grade R/UP: Chris Dunn 70

B Grade R/Up: Jesse McInnes 69

2nd Shawn Keighley 70

3rd Ian Dunn 70

4th Stephen Lund 71

5th Albert Horsfall 71

6th Keiran Horsfall

Pin Shots

No 6: Eddie Halat 1.2

No 16: Wayne Jensen 2.38

Birdy Pool: No 13: Skinner

Eagles Nest: No:  1: Chris Goulevitch

Visitors Birdy Pool: No 1: Skinner


10th July Stableford

Ladies Winner: Annie Hewitt 36

2nd Zoe Brooks 31

Pin Shots:

No 9: Nola Giddins


Men’s Winner: Darryl Blyth 39

2nd Darren Judd 38 C/B

3rd Tom Slater 38

4th Jeremy Robins 38

5th Andrew McLaughlin

Pin Shots

No 9: Chris Dunn 4.9

No 12: Leigh Clothier 1.12

Birdy Pool: No 5:  Don Scheeres, Shawn Johansen, Colin Dunn, Mick Makers, Kev Davies, Chris Dunn, Declan Mulherin. WOWSERS

Visitors Birdy Pool: 5: Skinner



Weekly Results Single Stableford 18-19th June 2022

Only 3 Ladies in the field.


Winner: Aaron Cook 42

2nd Peter Rogers 39

3rd Jade Lees 38

4th Wayne Stafford 37

Pin Shots

No 6: Steve Lockhard 3.97m

No 16: Phil Lyons 1.16m

No 16: Ladies- Skinner

Birdy Pool: No 8: Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: 16: Skinner

Eagles Nest – 1,11 or 18 – Skinner.


Mid Week Comp 13 June – 17 June – Stableford


Winner: Josh Moyle 41

2nd Chris Dunn 37

3rd: Rodney Brebner 36

Pin Shot No 16: Declan Mulherin 2.04m



Wix Painting Services Pty Ltd Monthly Medal 6 June -12 June.


Ladies Medal Winner: Barb Chrzanowski 75

Ladies Trophy Winner: Nola Giddins 68

2nd Sue Farrell 72


Least Putts : Ruth Grainger 26


Men’s A Grade Winner: Brett Scells 68

Men’s B Grade Winner: Eric Budby 64

A Grade R/UP: Hilton Scott 69C/B

B Grade R/Up: Dave Lockhard 69

2nd Greg Chrzanowski 69

3rd Matt Pelling 69

4th Mark Pearl 70

5th Chris Dunn 70

6th Kevin Hellwege


Pin Shots

No 9: Eddie Halat 4.98

No 12: Steve Penfold 1.86


Birdy Pool: No 4: Skinner

Eagles Nest: No:  Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: No:13: Skinner




COLL PLUMBING CLUB CHAMPS. 4th and 5th June 2022


Ladies Champion: Nola Giddins 163


A Grade Gross Winner:  Annie Hewitt                      184

A Grade Gross R/Up: Sudie Blinco                             186

A Grade Nett Winner: Zoe Brooks                            163


B Grade Gross Winner: Bev Dunn                             189

B Grade Gross R/Up: Sue Farrell                                 195

B Grade Nett Winner:     Cassie Matthews              143

B Grade Nett R/Up: Karen Hindle                               158


C Grade Gross Winner:  Wendy Hickmott               216

C Grade Gross R/Up: Barb Chrzanowski                  224

C Grade Nett Winner: Judy Hughes                          164

C Grade Nett R/Up: Denise Cook                                174



Men’s Champion: Blair Southward                          143


A Grade Gross Winner:  Chris Scells                          148

A Grade Gross R/Up: Greg James                               149

A Grade Nett Winner:     Chris Goulevitch               143

A Grade Nett R/Up          Martin Francis                   145C/B


B Grade Gross Winner:  Lachlan Sheeley                159

B Grade Gross R/Up: Greg Sullivan                            160

B Grade Nett Winner:     Don Smith                           140

B Grade Nett R/Up           Ting Li                                   143


C Grade Gross Winner:  Paul Fleischer                     173

C Grade Gross R/Up: Jesse McInnes                         180

C Grade Nett Winner:     Martin George                 138

C Grade Nett R/Up           Peter Rogers                      146 C/B


29th May Stableford after weeks of rain!


Ladies Winner: Cassie Matthews 29 C/B

2nd Annie Hewitt 29


Pin Shot:

No 16: Annie Hewitt 60cm


Men’s Winner: Jesse McInnes 40C/B

2nd Zac Jones 40

3rd Greg Sullivan 39

4th Ting Li 37

Pin Shots

No 9: Jesse McInnes 2.36m

No 16: Don Scheeres 2.08m


Birdy Pool: No 16: Ting Li & Trent Budby

Visitors Birdy Pool: No 5: A Skinner

Milne Bros Monthly Medal 4th May -8th May (after rained out weekend. )


Ladies Medal Winner: Sue Farrell 80

Ladies Trophy Winner: Nola Giddins 76

1st R/up Sudie Blinco 83


Men’s A Grade Winner: Ian Dunn 71

Men’s B Grade Winner: David Dryden 64

A Grade R/UP: Mick Dunn 72 C/B

B Grade R/Up: Brendan Travers 74

2nd Shane Vine 73 C/B

3rd Rodney Allen MKY  73  


Pin Shots

No 6: Colin Dunn – HOLE IN ONE!!



Birdy Pool: No 11: Mick Dunn

Eagles Nest: Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: No: Skinner



MM was Postponed – Stroke Comp that was played during the week as 23-24 Rained out


Winner: Rodney Allen MKY 68

2nd Declan Mulherin 71

Pin Shot: Skinner  


Easter Monday 18th April Fun Ambrose


Winners: Lisa Gaskell and Chris Scells 52.5

2nd Darren and Brad Russel 56

3rd Jason Campbell and Steve Campbell 56.5

4th Josh Gerrard and James Carey 57


Pin Shot No 9: Dane Western 3.3m


Mid Week Comp Single Stableford


Winner: Chris Scells 40

2nd Rodney Allen 38

Weekly Results 4BBB Mixed Stableford 17th April 2022


Winners: Sasha Howarth and Sue Farrell 47

2nd Darryl Blyth & Richard Goodwin 45

3rd Aidan Carey and Glen Carey 44


Pin Shots

No 6: Sudie Blinco 36cm

No 9: Haydn Sheeley 4.5cm

No 12: Lachlan Sheeley 83cm

Birdy Pool: No 5: Lachlan Sheeley, Barny Robinson and Brad Cook

Visitors Birdy Pool: No 2: Skinner

Mid Week Comp Single Stableford 11 April -17th April


Winner: Chris Scells

2nd Rodney Allen 38

3rd: Trent Budby 36


Pin Shot: Skinner


Weekly Results 10 April 2022 – Single Stableford


Ladies Winner: Cassie Matthews 32

2nd Annie Hewitt 28


Pin Shot:

No 16: Sudie Blinco 4.30cm


Men’s Winner Paul Fleischer 38

2nd Chris Scells 37

3rd Steve Penfold 36

4th Jesse McInnes


Pin Shots

No 9: Steve Penfold

No 16: Skinner


Birdy Pool: No 4 Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: No 17: Skinner


Mid Week Comp Vss 4 April -8 April


Winner: Colin Dunn +4

2nd Noel Elliot +1


Pin Shot:

No 12: Helene Swan 72cm



Weekly Results 3rd April Single Stableford


Ladies Winner: Nola Giddins 31 C/B

2nd Cassie Matthews 31


Pin Shots:

No 16: Sue Farrell – In the hole!


Men’s Winner : Guy Stuckey 40

2nd Brad Cook 37

3rd Jesse McInnes 36 C/B

4th Matt West 36


Pin Shots

No 6: Steve Penfold 1.36m

No 12: Jarrod Wilson 4m


Birdy Pool: No 9: Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: 15: Skinner


Mid Week Comp 28 March – 1 April Single Stableford


Winner: Herman Van Uitert 34 C/B

2nd Colin Dunn 34


Pin Shot: No 16: Sally MacDonald 28cm



Weekly Results VSS 26-27 March Rained out – Only Ladies Comp


Ladies Winner: Cassie Matthews 0

2nd Lee Craig -4



Mid Week Comp Results  Super 6 Stableford 21-25 March


Winner Lance Rutland 13

2nd Shane Brown 11



Pin Shots

No 7: Chris Scells 1.30


Milek Engineering Monthly Medal 14th March – 20th March


Ladies Winner: Zoe Brooks 72 – On a roll Zoe!

2nd Sandy Lockhard 73


Least Putts : Denise Cook 28


Men’s A Grade Winner: Brad Cook 68

Men’s B Grade Winner: Mark Pearl 69

Men’s B Grade Trophy: Shane Hoffman 68 ( already won MM)

A Grade R/UP: Nev Dyne MKY 68

B Grade R/Up: Mark Pearl 69

2nd: Eddie Ramsamy 69

3rd Bob Bann 70

4th Declan Mulherin 71 C/B

5th Don Smith 71

6th Kellin Smith 72 C/B

Pin Shots

No 6: Shane Treeves

No 12: Darren Russell


Birdy Pool: No 2 Skinner

Eagles Nest: No:  Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: No:18: Skinner



Weekly Results Single Stableford 13th March 2022


Ladies Winner: Zoe Brooks 35

2nd Sudie Blinco 29


Pin Shots:

No 9 : Sudie Blinco 2.22m



Men’s Winner: Chris Goulevitch 38

2nd James Austin 37 C/B

3rd Darren Russell 37

4th Bob Bann 36


Pin Shots

No 9: Jacob Robinson 15cm

No 16: Jacob Robinson 4.88


Birdy Pool: No 6: Chris Goulevitch

Visitors Birdy Pool: No 11 – A Skinner


Mid Week Comp Modified Stableford 7th March to 11 March


Winner: Fraser Steele +19

2nd Brandon Kelly +10

3rd: Herman Van Uitert +7


Pin Shot: 2nd Shot 18  - Rodney Allen 45cm


Birdy Pool : Fraser Steele & Brandon Kelly.


Weekly Results: Single Stableford 6th March 2022


Ladies Winner: Cassie Matthews 33

2nd Zoe Brooks 32



Pin Shot:

No 12: Zoe Brooks 30cm


Men’s Winner: Paul Fleischer 36

2nd Jesse McInnes 35 C/B

3rd Jarrod Wilson 35

4th Joel Musson 34

Pin Shots

No 6: Guy Stuckey 2.77m

No 12: Skinner


Birdy Pool: 10: Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: 14: Skinner



Weekly Results Modified Stableford 27th Feb 2022


Ladies Winner: Helene Swan 0 C/B

2nd Cassie Matthews 0


Pin Shots:

No 6: Nola Giddins 28cm


Men’s Winner: Aaron Cook +19

2nd B.Muir +13

3rd Darren Russel; +11

4th Jesse McInnes +10


Pin Shots

No 9: Tim Robinson

No 16: Skinner


Eagles Nest: No 1; Skinner

Birdy Pool: 4 : Skinner

Visitors Birdy Pool: 6: Skinner



Mid Week Comp Aggregate Stroke 21st – 25th Feb 2022


Winners: Shane Hoffman and Rod Allen 145

2nd Kevin Ross and Daniel Kenafake 146 C/B


Pin Shot: Skinner



Flysha Trade Agencies Monthly Medal Feb 20th


Ladies Winner: Nola Giddins 75

2nd Cassie Matthews 76


Least Putts : Ann Hewitt 28


Men’s A Grade Winner: Darren Russel 70 C/B         

Men’s B Grade Winner: Shane Hoffman 66

A Grade R/UP: Brad Cook 70 C/B

B Grade R/Up: Jesse McInnes 68

2nd Kev Davies 70

3rd Daniel Wix 70

4th Mick Nicholson 71

5th Rod Bennett 73

6th Hilton Scott 73


Pin Shots

No 6: Don Smith 1.46m

No 12: Ralph Pritchard 2.07m


Birdy Pool: No 10:  Darren Russell, Chris Scells and Shane Vine


Weekly Results Single Stableford 13 Feb 2022


Ladies Winner: Cassie Matthews 35

2nd Ann Hewitt 32


Pin Shots:

No 6: Lee Craig

No 9: Chris Chapman 


Men’s Winner: Rod Bennett 38

2nd Matt Allen 40

3rd Jarrod Wilson 37 C/B

4th Rangi Chase 37

5th Darren Judd 36


Pin Shots

No 12: Jesse McInnes

No 16: Mitch Thomas MKY


Eagles Nest: Declan Mulherin.


Birdy Pool: No 10: Kev Davies

Visitors Birdy Pool: #14 -  Skinner


MID Week Comp – 7-11 Feb Single Stableford


Winner: Declan Mulherin

2nd Colin Dunn


Pin Shots

No 16: Helene Swann


Weekly Results Mixed Opening Day 4BBB Stableford


Winners: James Austin and Kev Davies 45

2nd Shane Hoffman and Bab Bann 44

3rd Steve Lally and Ting Li 43


Pin Shots

No 6:  Jacob Robinson

No 9:Mal Smith

No 12: Mel Nicholson

No 16: Sudie Blinco


Eagles Nest: Barny Robinson

Birdy Pool: Jarrod Wilson and Barny

Visitors Birdy Pool: Eddie Ramsamy


MID WEEK Comp W/e 5 Feb VSS


Winner Matt Scott – Square

2nd Noel Elliott   -2